TePe EasyPick xs/s 36pcs Travel Case


TePe EasyPick is the easy and efficient way to clean between your teeth for a fresh and healthy mouth when you are ‘on-the-go’. With a plastic easy grip handle, the silicone ‘bumps’ on the EasyPick remove plaque and debris efficiently from interdental spaces, while being gentle and comfortable on the gums. Use every day – anytime, anywhere!

TePe EasyPick is for use as a complement to other methods of interdental cleaning, or if you find using floss or interdental brushes difficult.

• XS/S orange: for narrow and very narrow gaps
– recommended if you use TePe interdental or Angle pink, orange or red


TePe EasyPick comes in two conical sizes for easy cleaning of all interdental spaces. Also available in M/L – turquoise: for medium to large gaps

TePe EasyPick™ is recommended:

• Anytime, Anywhere
• Even if you are not used to clean between your teeth
• When you find it difficult to use dental floss
• As a complement to other ways of cleaning between your teeth
• For larger or smaller interdental spaces
• For braces and implants


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